viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Camps como ejemplo de corrupción en el New York Times

Fragmento extraído del artículo de The NewYork Times "Spaniards Take to Streets Before Vote" escrito por Raphael Minder.

Imagen de EFE
"On Sunday, Francisco Camps is expected to be re-elected as head of the regional government of Valencia, which includes the third-largest city in Spain and some of the most popular Spanish resorts.

By the end of the year, however, Mr. Camps is also likely to be in court facing bribery charges, as part of a vast corruption investigation, dubbed the Gürtel case, that has also targeted several other politicians from the main center-right political force, the Popular Party.

Mr. Camps was charged in February for allegedly receiving tailor-made suits in return for granting public contracts, with further possible financial irregularities still under investigation. Nine other politicians standing for the Popular Party on Sunday in Valencia are being investigated or have been charged with fraud. Mr. Camps and his fellow candidates deny any wrongdoing."

Leer Spaniards Take to Streets Before Vote.
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